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Mobility Devices

Mobility devices are a great way to prevent a leg injury or balance issue from keeping you off your feet. Take our rollator walkers, for example. All of them feature a padded seat with back support so you can sit down and rest after a long walk. Durable brakes keep these rollators in place when needed, and their sturdy, steel frame can support up to 400 lbs.

For a leg injury that just needs a little extra assistance while it heals, consider our knee walkers. They are a comfortable and speedy alternative to crutches, require less energy to propel, and come in a steerable model to let you get around corners and curves with ease.

Whatever your mobility issue may be, you’ll find mobility devices that fit your needs and your budget with free shipping available on every model offered at My Home For Life! Shop now or give us a call and let us explain all the great features these rollators and knee walkers possess.

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Deluxe Folding Walker, Two Button Adjustable Height Rollator, 6" Casters Aluminum Rollator w/Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 8" Casters
This adjustable height walker can easily fold by using the easy push button mechanism. The buttons can be pushed with fingers, palms, or side of the hand. Each side operates independently. Adjustable Height Rollator, 6" Casters Aluminum Rollator w/Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 8" Casters
Economy Folding Knee Walker Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator Deluxe 3 Wheel Steel Rollator, 7.5" Casters with Loop Locks
The Drive Medical Economy Folding Knee Walker is loaded with features, including a small footprint for optimal storage, and a 350 lb weight capacity. The Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator has a 500 lbs. weight capacity, 8 inch casters adjustable handles. Winnie Deluxe 3 Wheel Steel Rollator, 7.5" Casters with Loop Locks
Aluminum Transport Chair Duet Rollator/Transport Chair, 8" Casters Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair - Drive Medical DFL 19
Aluminum Transport Chair
Our Price: $153.00
The Drive Medical Aluminum transport chair is strong and lightweight. The chair comes with padded arms, swing-away footrests and padded armrest. Weight capacity is 300 lbs The Duet Rollator/Transport Chair combines the features of a transport chair and a rollator in one unit. The Drive Medical 19 inch Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair is an ultra light (16.2 lbs. without footrests 18.9 with footrests) chair available in a a variety of attractive colors.
Steerable Knee Walker Dolomite Gloss Rollator Dolomite Legacy Rollator Walkers
Steerable Knee Walker
Our Price: $225.00
Dolomite Gloss Rollator
Our Price: $266.50
The Steerable Knee Walker is a mobility device that provides strength and comfort to anyone that may have an injury below the knee. The Dolomote Gloss Rollator was designed to support users while out and about, or at home.
The Gloss has a maximum weight capacity of 352 lbs. and weighs in at an extremely low 14.3 lbs.
The Dolomite Legacy Walkers have sturdy, welded frames, and were developed to accommodate a wide variety of users with the most standard features. A number of accessories are available to make this walker an exact fit for your needs!
Karman S-ERGO 115 Transport Chair Karman S-ERGO 305 Ultra-Light Weight Wheelchair Dolomite Alpha Walker with Forearm Support
This T-6 Aluminum Wheelchair weight only 22 lbs. (without footrests) and the chair features AEGIS anti-bacterial upholstery to prevent the spread of germs. The Karman S-Ergo 305 wheelchair has a 250 lb weight capacity and weighs only 29 lbs. The Dolomite Alpha Basic and Advanced Walkers are upright walkers deigned to help individuals with mobility challenges who cannot use a standard rollator hand grips or brake handles.
Karman S-Ergo Lite S-2501  Transport Wheelchair
The Karman S-Ergo Lite Transport Wheelchair is lite weight (18 lbs.) and has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. The 14 inch flat-free polyurethane rear tires make this chair suitable for both indoors and outdoors.