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As people age, it can be more difficult to get up from a seated position, or off the floor. The products in this category range from providing a little extra 'umph' to get out of a chair to assisting someone that has fallen to the ground. Feel free to call one of our product specialist if you have any questions.
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Leg Lifter Mangar Transfer Belt UpEasy Seat Assist
Leg Lifter
Our Price: $28.50
Mangar Transfer Belt
Our Price: $98.70
UpEasy Seat Assist
Our Price: $109.00
The Leg Lifter is a simple solution for positioning your legs when seated or in bed.

The Mangar Transfer Belt is a tool for caregivers to assist patients from a sitting to standing or standing to sitting. UpEasy Seat Assist Seat Assist is a mechanical lifting cushion that will ease you into your seat, as well as help you up.
UPEASY Power Seat Mangar Raiser Portable Chair Lift Mangar Leg Lifter
UPEASY Power Seat
Our Price: $152.30
UPEASY Power Seat is an electric-powered cushion that will lift you effortlessly from your favorite armchair or sofa. It is also easy to move from room to room inside your home. Power Seat is easy to operate with a simple flick of the power lever, and you can stop any time or height you want. It is designed for indoor use beside a power outlet, either at home, or wherever you are visiting. The Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to support and lift someone that is seated, helping them to get up and out of their chair to a standing position. The cushion is easy to use and is self-powered using the AirFlo MK3 compressor, meaning everything is done at the push of a button. The Mangar Leg Lifter enables people to raise their legs onto the bed independently or with minimal assistance.
TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift - from EZ-ACCESS Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion IndeeLift - HFL (Human Floor Lift)
The TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift lowers users to and from commode with comfort and safety. This lift is compatible with both standard and elongated toilet seats and comes with a two year warranty The Mangar ELK is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion uses a battery powered air compressor to swiftly (roughly 2 minutes) lift one from the floor up to 22 inches. The HFL will lift a person up to 300 or 400 pounds from the floor to a position seated at the height of a standard chair - 21 inches.
Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion Raizer Lifting Chair
Raizer Lifting Chair
Our Price: $5,650.00
The Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion is an air powered cushion designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor. The adjustable back support allows the patient to use the lift without the assistance of a caregiver. The Raizer Lifting Chair is a battery operated lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to a sitting position within minuets. The Raizer is easily assembled and allows one caregiver to safely and easily lift a person from the floor, with a touch of a button. The Raizer Lifting Chair has a 330 lb. weight capacity and comes with a rechargeable battery, carrying case, and chargers.